Solicited Stories – Ideas man Bruno Bordignon

Bruno Bordignon is an ideas man. When you call or email him, you won’t get legalese. He’s more than a lawyer. He’s practically a management consultant, an investor and a business founder all rolled into one – with a law degree on top. 

Bruno is a Director and Co-Founder of Avid.Legal, a new kind of law firm in Wellington.

Think you’ve seen passion and drive to make new ventures or technologies successful? Not until you’ve met Bruno. He thinks that, for a lawyer, it doesn’t get much better than the work he gets to do. He’s worked with start-ups who’ve gone the whole way, including successful exits that would make your eyes water. 

Bruno just gets business founders and their stresses and strains. He’s done it himself, and he works really closely with the angel investor network in Aotearoa New Zealand. You can’t underestimate the value of his connections, let alone the deep personal connection he has with innovative people and organisations.

Are you trying something new? Maybe you’re thinking about starting a business, or you already have? You might be thinking you need to raise some money, or invest in a venture? Try Bruno – you won’t regret it.

Maybe you’re interested in business-as-usual stuff right now. Finally getting around to sorting out that shareholders’ agreement. Or setting up a share scheme to keep your people engaged and driven. And what’s a ‘constitution’ about again? Look no further than Bruno.

Bruno’s essentially the double-whammy: big, hairy corporate experience and practical, down-to-earth commercial sense. Working with businesses and business people is all about relationships. Choose Bruno on Consensus and see what it’s like to experience the gold standard in customer-focused service.

“I am interested in using Consensus because it takes some of the guess work out selecting who to use as a lawyer and gives lawyers an opportunity to showcase what they are really good at. Also it’s hard to deny that I like to think of myself as a disrupter, so anything that breaks down some of the “old ways” of doing law always has appeal to me!”

So, want an innovative, safe pair of hands to put your business in? Sign up your company (or yourself) as a client on Consensus and start posting business jobs. Bruno’s ready and willing to give you that great service with the transparency and price certainty you’ve always wanted.

Each Solicited Story ends with five questions:

Consensus: If you weren’t a lawyer, what would you be?
Bruno: Annoying my wife and three kids at home!  But I guess that would only last for so long before they got sick of me, so I would looking at finding a high-growth company to get eye-ball deep into (and hopefully, creating some value!)

Consensus: An example of something that intrigues you about your area(s) of law?
How far the law has to go with catching up – so much of technology has outpaced the law. But with that said, it is equally amazing to see how many times going back to the basic first principles yields the answer of where we think the law will land on certain technology topics.

Consensus: Do you have a memorable moment when you got a client a great outcome?
We tend to focus on relationships in our negotiations, and not “thumping the table” (unless our client wants us to!). So probably when we had the deal team of a significant technology company acquiring our client go directly back to our client to compliment them on how we played the negotiation – we held firm, and killed them with logic to get the final points of a deal across. In that same deal, it was made even sweeter when we sat down to have a celebratory beer when the deal was signed and were chatting through what the founder had sacrificed to get to this point.

Consensus: How will the legal profession be different in 10 years’ time?
I think some of the technologies and solutions around automation and AI will become more main stream, and (the good) lawyers will become more involved in the strategy side of things.  We are very much focussed on training our lawyers on non-legal topics as much as legal – people expect more than legal advice in a vacuum (and simply telling people what they can’t do).

Consensus: An example of how practicing law can be fun?
We try not to take ourselves too seriously, so we tend to have fun with our clients (including the occasional prank!). For me though the best bits are getting exposed to a wide range of industries, personalities and learnings from each client – it’s a real position of privilege that you don’t get across many other jobs.

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