Solicited Stories – Meg Gregson, approachable and solutions focused

Some people want a lawyer who is an expert in what they do. Some want a lawyer who is engaged in their community. Everyone wants a lawyer who is approachable, solutions focused and cost effective. Meg Gregson ticks all these boxes.

Meg is a Commercial and Property Associate at Saunders & Co, a reputable full service law firm based in Christchurch. She is a specialist in all matters relating to property transactions, residential development and building law. Meg also provides advice on the sale and purchase of businesses, leasing, finance and general company matters.

Meg enjoys taking the time to get to know her clients and their businesses so that she can become a valued member of their team, rather than just an external service provider. What does that actually mean for you if you choose Meg? It means a stronger relationship, trust and confidence and, ultimately, more accurate, tailored advice to meet your specific needs.

So what does Meg actually do for her existing clients, and how can she help you?

  1. She can offer practical advice for all trades within the construction industry relating to company matters and structuring, terms of trade, supply and distribution agreements, leasing, everything that makes your business tick.
  2. Meg will help you scope out a new property, whether it is a first home, investment property or commercial space she will provide efficient and effective advice for your sale or purchase. Being well connected she will work closely with your other advisors including real estate agents, mortgage/insurance brokers, bank and accountants to achieve results.
  3. You might be in charge of some large-scale construction or development projects (‘Hello, Canterbury!’) and be on the hunt for someone who understand the complexities of these contractual matrixes. Meg aims to minimise your risk exposure and increase your cashflow when reviewing and drafting residential build contracts, construction contracts and sub contractors agreements.
  4. Thinking of building a new house or commercial premises? To ensure that the construction phase goes as smoothly as possible, let Meg review your residential build contract/construction contract and negotiate terms in your favour to achieve certainty around pricing and timeframes.
  5. For investors, Meg provides robust advice on due diligence, land acquisitions, financing & joint ventures and subdivisions & residential developments. She thinks that engagement throughout the process is key to success.
  6. Setting aside Meg’s property expertise, she also has extensive experience with all kinds of commercial contracts and arrangements and she can provide plain English explanations of your obligations. Confidentiality agreements, agreements for the supply of goods or services, guarantees – no sweat.
  7. Business, buying/selling of assets and shares, commercial leasing, franchising – no matter the size of the business or transaction, Meg will tailor advice to suit you.
  8. Thinking of restructuring or refinancing loans? Meg can quickly facilitate this for you.  She provides pragmatic legal advice relating to mortgages, guarantees, business loans and general securities.
  9. She acts for building and development companies, hospitality businesses, building product distributors and families. She takes a genuine interest in working with her clients to understand and achieve their goals.

Meg gets it. She knows clients increasingly want price certainty, and she is one of the progressive few in Aotearoa New Zealand who are willing to offer it. The key for Meg is that she provides a first-in-class service to her clients, offering great value and sound, strategic advice. That means she agrees a fixed fee approach with a client, based on that high quality of service, allowing her clients via Consensus to budget for her services and allowing Meg to continue to do great work and grow her practice. It’s a win-win.

“I am excited to work with Consensus because I think it is an innovative platform enabling accessibility to quality legal services. It creates transparency and certainty for the client and allows practitioners to scope interesting work and build their practices.”

Each Solicited Story ends with five questions:

Consensus: If you weren’t a lawyer, what would you be?
Meg: A professional dancer, I am involved in a lot of musical theatre productions with Showbiz Christchurch.

Consensus: An example of something that intrigues you about your area(s) of law?
Meg: My particular area of interest is in construction law, I am intrigued to see how the industry might require changes to the number of construction contracts currently used to shift the power imbalance that exists, against the head contractor. Commercial speaking, the risk that the contractor is not always acceptable and I would like to see more discussion between principals and contractors at an earlier stage in the design/construction phase to resolve this so that there is a more even playing field.

Consensus: Do you have a memorable moment when you got a client a great outcomes?
Meg: I always really enjoy phoning clients when a transaction whether it be a sale/purchase of property or business or the completion of a subdivision has taken place. When working through those transactions, I like to empower my clients so that they understand the process but not bog them down with lots of legal nuances/jargon. I love to hear when I let my clients know we have completed their work, that they found the process easy and straight forward, especially when behind the scenes it hasn’t been!

Consensus: How will the legal profession be different in 10 years’ time?
Meg: I think that we will see that the interface between lawyer and client will shift to online as opposed to the more traditional meeting style. Whilst I think we should be embracing developments in technology to assist us achieve an outcome, I think it is important to remain personable and accessible to everyone.

Consensus: An example of how practicing law can be fun?
Meg: Practising law is a very fulfilling profession, as we are often dealing with deadlines and people’s legal problems it is important to remember to have fun along the way. I think it is the people that you deal with, that make practicing law fun. I love that this is a people focussed role and that we are in a position to be able to get to know people and their businesses really well.