Solicited Stories – Callum McLean, big heart and impressive expertise

Small law firm; big heart; impressive expertise. That’s how we at Consensus describe Callum McLean.

Callum is the Principal and Founder of McLean Law Limited, an independent and agile law firm based in Auckland. Callum deals with disputes – big and small – and he does it in a lean and cost-effective manner. This means he is willing and able to offer clients on Consensus exactly what they’re after: price certainty.

If you’ve watched any one of the zillion TV shows about lawyers, you may well think that lawyers can (and should) get to be negotiating a confidential settlement one day and then drafting a commercial lease agreement the next. Some lawyers do that, but more commonly right now lawyers try to specialise in one thing (or a combination of similar things).

Callum falls into the last category. He is an expert ‘litigator’ or advocate, there to assist you usually when you are facing a seemingly unsolvable problem or are in the midst of an argument, and can see no way out.

But what really makes Callum stand out? He’s working in a lean way. He runs a #tightship, which means he has his clients front-of-mind when he assists them and, as a result, he keeps his costs low. He doesn’t have the flash meeting rooms or a wine fridge in his office. You know that what you’re paying for is his real – valuable – time and advice.

Callum helps clients with civil claims, both personal and commercial. This encapsulates a lot! What are some examples and do you fit one of these, or have a similar issue?

  • You’ve bought a new home after the vendor (or an agent) said it was a dry home, but you’ve moved in and found the roof is leaking. Someone had clearly done some clever things to hide the mould that’s starting to sprout.
  • The landlord’s on your case about overdue rent, but they’ve skimped out on that new oven they promised you and your co-tenants.
  • Your online business signed a contract with a designer for some new logos, but they never arrived.
  • You’re having relationships difficulties and your significant other wants to get divorced and take custody of your children.
  • Your parent has ‘written you out’ of their will, leaving the family home to your sibling without reason or consulting you.
  • You’re involved in building a new retirement village, and you’re going around and around in circles with your developer about what they’re owed under your construction contract.
  • Your boss is harassing you and HR refuses to do anything about it.
  • You’ve discovered one of your employees has been skimming money from the till, but you’re not sure whether you can dismiss them and how to go about it in the right way.
  • You’ve just bought a clothing store franchise, but it turns out the stock that you were told would be left in the warehouse to sell once you bought it was all gone and it’s going to take weeks before you can get new stock in.
  • You’ve just got too many bills to pay and you’re receiving some pretty scary letters and emails from your bank.
  • Someone owes your accounting firm $10,000 for services provided, but you can’t get hold of your client and you don’t know what your options are to try to enforce the payment terms.

Sometimes these issues can involve tribunals. If you want a lawyer to help you out with the process of applying to tribunals, such the Weathertight Homes Tribunal, the Tenancy Tribunal or even the Disputes Tribunal, then Callum is your lawyer.

Callum’s also got your back in the event your dispute is more serious and involves proceedings in the District or High Courts. It’s great having someone who can help you out with your dispute no matter how it progresses.

Callum says, “I’ve joined Consensus because it’s an innovative channel to meet new people and build new relationships”.

We agree with him!

Let’s face it – most people think that their claim is not worth taking to a lawyer because they think they’ll get charged too much (particularly when compared against the value of their claim, which is still very important to them but which they think won’t be important to a lawyer). Maybe they’re worried their current lawyer just won’t be interested.

Callum’s not your average lawyer. He enjoys helping out ‘the little guy’ and often can take on the kinds of claims larger law firms would look past. Equally, he’s got ‘big dispute’ experience and regularly assists the ‘big players’ too. Best of both worlds? We think so, and Callum’s offering fixed fee proposals via Consensus right now, so get posting!

Each Solicited Story ends with five questions:

Consensus: If you weren’t a lawyer, what would you be?
Callum: A zoologist

Consensus: An example of something that intrigues you about your area(s) of law?
Callum: Civil law is underutilised in New Zealand, people can be afraid to upset the apple-cart. It’s potential growth in the future intrigues me.

Consensus: Do you have a memorable moment when you got a client a great outcome?
Callum: Negotiated outcomes are memorable as people can turn the page and move on cost effectively.

Consensus: How will the legal profession be different in 10 years’ time?
Callum: Leaner, and more client focused.

Consensus: An example of how practicing law can be fun?
Callum: It’s fun working with people, building relationships and resolving problems.

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